1. APMAJ aims to publish research papers that address relevant and contemporary issues in the field of management accounting that may prove useful to the academia and the community at large.

2. Seeking to communicate with a wide audience, APMAJ accepts for consideration manuscripts that are theoretical, empirical, conceptual, or behavioural in nature and have direct implications for present or future practice. These papers may include, but are not limited to the following:

  •  Management Accounting Innovations
  • Management Accounting Control System
  • Financial-Based Management Accounting Systems
  • Contemporary Management Accounting
  • Practices
  • Evolution of Management Accounting
  • Management Accounting Practices
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Integrated Management Accounting
  • Enterprise Governance
  • Management Accounting History
  • Comparative Studies on Management Accounting

3. The journal employs the double-blind review process in which reviewers and authors remain anonymous throughout the review process.

4. All contributions must be written in the English language. Emphasis is placed on direct and clear communication, originality, and scholarly merit of these papers.


 1. The papers must be submitted through the online open journal system.  Alternatively it may be sent by email to the chief editors in the form of MS Word files. Only original papers will be accepted, and copyright of the published papers will be vested in the publisher.

2. The submitted manuscripts must be double spaced and not exceed 30 pages (including endnotes, references, supporting exhibits and any appendices).

3. The authors must include a cover page indicating their names, affiliations, addresses, contact numbers and email addresses. An abstract of less than 150 words must be enclosed on a separate sheet at the beginning of the text. The abstract must state the purpose, procedures and conclusions of the study. The figures and tables must also be placed on separate pages at the end of the text. The endnotes must be kept to a minimum. The references must be placed at the end of the manuscript. Samples of entries are as follows:

  • Book: Williamson, O. (1993) The Nature of the Firm, New York: Oxford Press
  • Journal: Zhou, Z. H. (1998) “Chinese Accounting Systems and Practices”, Accounting, Organizations and Society, 13, 2; 207-224.

 4. The submitted manuscripts will be screened initially by the chief editors to determine their appropriateness. Manuscripts that are considered inappropriate will be returned to the author(s).

 5. Only manuscripts that are considered appropriate by the managing editors will be refereed. The editorial board members as well as additional appointed experts will then review the manuscripts to ascertain their suitability for publication.

 6. If you have difficulty in accessing the online journal system, you may also send your manuscripts  to the following address:

Assoc. Prof. Dr Jamaliah Said
Managing Director of APMAJ
Accounting Research Institute
Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia
Level 12, SAAS Building
40450 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel: 03-55444891
Fax: 03-55444992

Email: jamaliah533@salam.uitm.edu.my