An Exploratory Study of Balanced Scorecard Practices: Preliminary Evidence from Thailand. Wasatorn Shutibhinyo Balanced Scorecard Implementation within a Malaysian Government-Linked Company. Norlaila Md Zin, SuzanaSulaiman, Aliza Ramli and Anuar Nawawi Business Strategy, Strategic Role of Accountant, Strategic Management Accounting and their Links to Firm Performance: An Exploratory Study of Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia. Tan Ah Lay and Ruzita Jusoh Comparative Studies of Cost Accounting Practices in Japan and Germany. Shinsuke WADA, Peter Kajüter and Matthias Moeschler Intricacies of Overhead Cost Allocations and Distortion in Costing: A Synthesis of the Literature. Bülend Terzioglu An Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Feedback Control Policy and Need for Achievement on Subordinates’ Budgetary Slack Creation. Vincent K. Chong and Irdam Ferdiansah
Published: 2012-06-30