Enterprise Governance and Management Accounting from the Viewpoint of Feed Forward Control. Akira Nishimura Theoretical Themes in Management and Management Accounting in China. Yu Xu-Ying The Development of Corporate Governance in China. Z. Jun Lin Ming Liu Xu Zhang Religion, Religiosity and Slack Creation: Some Empirical Evidence. Shayuti Mohamed Adnan Maliah Sulaiman An Empirical Investigation of the Relation Between Performance Measures: Evidence from Public Enterprises in Korea. Tae-Sik Ahn Kyoung-Joon Cho Hyung-Rok Jung Assessing Value Creation Through NAf MA: Selected Case Studies of Malaysian Firms. Suzana Sulaiman Normah Omar Ibrahim Kamal Abdul Rahman Strategic Investment Proposals and the Balanced Scorecard: How to Ensure Consistency Between Investments and Long Term Strategy. Ralph W. Adler Paul Theivananthampillai Modelling ‘Hard-To-Measure’ Costs in Environmental Management Accounting. Michael Falta Lynn Gallagher Roger Willett
Published: 2006-12-29