The Consequences Cost of Drug Traffi cking : A Case on Sahabat’s Client. Sharifah Fadzlon Abdul Hamid, Normah Omar, SuzanaSulaiman and Wee Shu Hui National Culture and Management Control Systems : An Explanatory Study on the Implementations of Foreign MCS in Japan. Wooseok Suh The Interplay between National Culture and Diffusion of Activity-Based Costing : An Asia-Pacifi c Perspective. Bülend Terzioğlu and Elsie S.K. Chan Role of Management Accounting Practices in Creating Values : A Case Study of Asia Highway. Mohd Nur Hakim Bahaman and Ibrahim Kamal Abdul Rahman Examination of Cross-Functional Activities Facilitated by Absolute Value Target Costing and Committee Activities at Toyota Motor Corporation. Hideyuki Kobayashi
Published: 2014-06-30